School Mapping Project
Is a great starting point to learn about GIS and GPS , while producing data and maps of your school that can be used for later projects. It's also a prerequisite for attending the Geospatial Projects Workshop.
Geospatial Virtual Camp
a series of courses on GPS - introduction to GPS; how to use Geo II, Geo 3, Geo XM (also GeoMedia Professional) Log in to take the full courses
EastProject Forums
If you can't seem to find what you are looking for here, the forums are always a great place to look.


An Introduction to Geostor 5 (video)
A short introduction to downloading data from Geostor 5 to be used in your GIS projects (Download Flash)
How to Enroll and Navigate the EAST Geospatial Virtual Camp
Download and print or plot this poster (.ppt) for use in your EAST lab.
geosp virtual
A GeoMedia/ArcView Translator
ArcView 3.x and GeoMedia use different terms for some of the same operations. Here is a partial list of those terms and with a translation
Arkansas Elevation Data
How to get elevation data for the state of Arkansas
Elevation Data for any State
How to get elevation data for anywhere in the U.S.
Why are Coordinate Systems so important?
You keep hearing and reading about making sure you know in which coordinate system your data is stored. This presentation will shine some light on the mystery of coordinate systems. (powerpoint)
Making Great Maps
Important things to keep in mind whether you're using GeoMedia or ArcGIS (webpage)
GeoMedia Professional
Geocoding Addresses
How to geocode addresses using GeoMedia (webpage)
Geocoding Coordinates
This tutorial walks you through using x,y coordinates to place data from a table on a map using the eye of Hurricane Ivan, 2004. You can use the Data from Hurricane Ivan if you don't have your own data ready (Excel Spreadsheet)
INI Files
Use .INI files to dynamically assign coordinate systems to all shape files in a directory (webpage)
ArcView/GeoMedia Checklist
Checklist for reading ESRI's shapefile data in GeoMedia Professional (webpage)
Download Census Data
Downloading US Bureau Census shapefiles for use in Geomedia 5.x (webpage)
Calculating Area in GeoMedia Professional
Walks you throug the steps of using functional attributes for calculating area of polygons in GeoMedia (Right click on the link and save the Power Point file)